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Wedding Photography Manchester

Wedding Photography Manchester

Every now and again I think about the role location plays in the work of a photographer. And I admit it wholeheartedly: I love the fact that the bulk of my work has been done in Manchester. When it comes to wedding photography Manchester opens up an entire world of its own. And thus I would like to share my thoughts regarding the different elements that make the work of a Manchester based wedding photographer so delightful.

A Game of Venues

The first element I want to discuss is the wedding venues. Places of worship and civic centres, hotels and country clubs…I have set foot in many venues in different parts of Manchester. Yet they continue to surprise me even further every day. Whenever I get into my car, about to drive to my next project, I cannot help but think what lies in wait at the wedding location. What type of interiors will impress me this time? What type of exciting wedding programme have the organisers prepared? And these are just two questions out of many. I can guarantee that if you take some time to explore the options of venues and the packages they offer, you will no doubt find one that perfectly fits your requirements.

Wedding Photography Manchester – Preferred venues

Flixton House
Worsley Park Marriott Coutry Club
Lakeside ponderosa- Celebratory events venue, restaurant & bar

What’s in a Background?

The second element: the sights. After all, beautiful backgrounds create atmospheric photos. True, Manchester is not Paris and Manchester is not Venice. Its landmarks never rose to the same heights in fame and renown. However, there are plenty of romantic spots for beautiful photo shoots here as well. Manchester has its own serene canals. The facades of Manchester’s historic buildings have remained unchanged for centuries. With wedding photography Manchester and its sights reveal a side that not everybody knows the city has.

Praised be the People

The people themselves are the third element. I love working with people and I love making people happy. Every time a new couple comes to me, they bring a new story with them and share their plans with excitement. I admire the good spirits of the brides and grooms, their friends and relatives.

Wedding Photography Manchester

The Mission

Alin Turcanu Photography offers several packages and add-ons for couples to choose from. The memories of many happy wedding days have been preserved through the photos I have taken. And furthermore, I try to make sure that through my work in wedding photography Manchester can reveal its hidden romanticism.

Wedding Photography Manchester

If you’re looking for stunning wedding photography Manchester and a photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, I’m your guy!

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