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The Edwardian Manchester wedding photographer

Edwardian Manchester Wedding – Kayleigh & Richard

Since I’ve met them at the pre-wedding shoot I knew their wedding day will be special. Their plans were matching with one of my challenges, to shoot a wedding in the heart of Manchester. Well, Edwardian is not disappointing in any way and their luxurious ballroom is a place a lot of couples would love to get married.

The day was perfect and the weather on our side, can’t complain about those. Oh, and the food, from a different world. This couple had everything they wanted and my photographs are full of laugh and smiles from all the attendees.

Looking forward to see Kayleigh and Ric on a future wedding I’ve booked at their event and I’m sure we’re share some lovely memories from their special day.

Edwardian Manchester wedding photography hidding

Edwardian Manchester

I’ve mentioned this many times, if you have a venue I’ve never photographed before I would be really happy to take that on board. I’m looking to create some stunning photographs, no matter of what it takes. I’m not a casual photographer who’s repeating himself every wedding. My aim is to be as genuine as possible and to create something which matches you as a couple, character, personality.

Have a scroll through my website, it was designed to have all the information available so you’ll not waste you time looking for answers. The process of booking me is also simple, I only need to be asked if I’m available xx.

If you’re looking for a friendly wedding photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, I’m your guy!

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