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Natural Wedding Photography Manchester – Everything you need to know

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester

I decided to link the most commonly asked questions with answers to make your search easier and if you feel that I’m the right guy for you then get in touch. Above all, Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (Updated 25th February)

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (Albums)

What wedding albums do you offer?
I work with one of the biggest companies in the market called nPhoto and their quality is always above expectations. Therefore, a multitude of covers, materials, and colors from where you can choose when we will design.

When I will be able to see a sample?
On our first consultation, I will bring along some of the samples I designed, in different textures, colors and sizes so you can have an idea about how yours will look like.

Who is designing the album?
I’m the only one who will work out the design. Of course, it’s part of my imagination and inspiration how I will do that. However, the photos are chosen by you unless you’ll give me free hand to sort out everything.

What if something is going wrong with an album?
Any issue during design or after delivery will be corrected. Surely, for any defect please report it right away by email/phone or even message me on social media and I will sort it out. As expected, my customer support is on a really high level – same as nPhoto. I never had any problems with any of the albums and hope to keep it like this.

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (How and When?)

How much time does it take for delivery?
Usually is taking 3 weeks from the time we completed the design. However, during the summertime can take up to 8 weeks due to the volume they process.

Who is doing the quality check?
I will be the first one to open the album for the quality checks and I will deliver in person at your door. Honestly, If you have coffee I may stay with you to see it together.

Can I remove the album from the collection?
Yes, however, the price will stay the same. Also, I’m talking more about albums here.

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (Payments)

How can I pay?
I am flexible with payments (credit/debit card, cash, PayPal, bank transfer). As a result, you’ll get an invoice every time a payment is done. So, I do accept installments as well based on circumstances (3-12 months).

Do I receive any receipt for the money sent?
Yes, you’ll get an invoice every time a payment needs to be made. Shortly, you’ll get a receipt after the payment is received.

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (Wedding Day)

What style do you have?
It is a mixture of documentary and posed style, I love to capture those raw moments during the day on the same level as creating some stunning portraits using lights, gels (indoor, outdoor both daytime and nighttime). Likewise, I’m not really posing, it’s more guiding and advising you, it’s cooperation to get the best results.

Do you limit the full day coverage?
I don’t really have a time frame for the full day coverage. So, I will be with you from bridal preparations (agreed with you based on the number of bridesmaids you have, location and any other factor which can delay us) until first dance. And more, for your peace of mind, it’s stated in the contract that I will attend for at least 12 hours (please note that there are no extra charges for exceeding this time).

Are you doing half days?
Unfortunately, I’m not doing half days unless it comes as a recommendation from a previous couple.

Are you doing any other type of photography?
I’m specialized in wedding photography and this is the only type of photography I’m doing. But, I do occasionally shoot maternity sessions and this is only for my pleasure.

Do we have to feed you?
Assuming that I will spend an average of 12-14 hours with you I will have to get some food to keep my energy up for the whole day. Furthermore, Its a matter of what you consider a better option (sandwiches are fine). Also, please note that this applies to the assistant or second shooter where is the case.

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (Important)

Do you have any discounts?
Yes, there are 4 discounts types available anytime:

  • 15% for family or friends of couples who worked with me before
  • 10% for any booking taking on a wedding fayre
  • 10% if you’ll bring me Milka chocolate on our consultation (I’m addicted to Milka chocolate)
  • 5% if full balance is paid in full on the time of booking

You can’t cumulate all these, the only combo is any of first 3 with 5% off. So, if you’ll bring me Milka and you would like to pay full balance you’ll get 15% off your chosen collection.

How do we book?
It’s simple, you need to pay a deposit using the above payment options which will secure your date. Finally, after payment is received we need to meet in the next 5-7 days to discuss your plans.  I believe the bride-groom/Photographer relationship is crucial for wedding photography.

When should you book?
I will advise you to book 12-18 months in advance. Honestly, it’s going to leave plenty of time to sort out all the details of your wedding. Also, I’m going to be the first supplier which you’ll probably book (after the venue) and I may recommend and support with picking the rest.

Are you insured?
Yes, fully insured for both Public and Liability Insurance. Importantly, in case of sickness or any other hazard which can stop me for being present on your day, there’s is always someone to cover me (I have an agreement with 2 more photographers – not as handsome as me but fine 😉)

Natural Wedding Photography Manchester (My approach)

Do you work alone?
I am the main shooter at all the bookings I take. However, I may have an assistant with me to help me with lighting, moving stuff around, filming, etc. (you’ll be informed if so). Importantly, based on the size of your wedding I may recommend or not the 2nd shooter. Obviously, it’s entirely up to you if you want to have 2 photographers for a small wedding. Also, the extra charge for this will be £300 with the same time limits.

Is the pre-wedding shoot included?
Yes, we will have this anytime before your wedding, preferably at your venue. Likewise, It’s a great way for us to interact and it’s going to be good practice for the big day.

If you feel like there is something which I didn’t cover please feel free to drop me a message and I’ll update.

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