Manchester Wedding Photography Portfolio

I am proud to present to you my Manchester Wedding Photography Portfolio. Certainly, this page includes many images that hold a special place in my heart. Undoubtedly, it showcases the work which I am most proud of and represents my style of photography the best. Therefore, I thank all of my couples for having trusted me to be part of their special day. Truly, capturing these images has been incredible and I hope it’s never going to stop.

My work as a wedding photographer is completely focused on capturing natural and beautiful imagery. Therefore, every photo in this portfolio has been hand-picked by me as one of my favourites. 

I just don’t take photos. Clearly, I am there for you on your wedding day to capture your most intimate moments, which I believe reflects the authenticity of your love.

Nobody judges my work as harshly as I judge it myself

There are a few reasons why I believe this, here we go.

I started as a hobbyist photographer and I love taking pictures of my loved ones (child, wife, parents, friends, etc) or anyone who wanted documentation of their life. Of course, I want to do justice to my family and friends with my art, so this passion kept pushing me until I was confident that I could capture what I see, as well as any professional. Naturally, when you want to do as much of something as you can, turning professional seems like the logical thing to do. Thus, Alin Turcanu Photography was born.

I believe this is what photography is all about; documenting something such as the key moments of someone’s life (wedding, family and more). Even though I’ve only been running this business since 2016/7, if I’ve created or captured a moment in time, with all the emotion of that moment, that is what I consider essential for a wedding couple. Then nobody can tell me that my photographs are ugly – I am the only one to criticize them. And you can be sure that I will because for me it is about constant improvement and keeping high standards.

Manchester Wedding Photographer – My vision

We live now in a society filled with Facebook and Instagram where everybody will post things just to be able to get some likes, and for me, this is the wrong way to approach things. An image may not be technically perfect or may not appeal to everyone and that is ok. As long as it meets my high standards, appeals to my wedding couples and preserves those precious memories, that’s what ultimately matters. Memories like the bride, seen in her wedding dress for the first time by her father. Moments such as a hug, a loving touch or smile and the sweet-salty bliss of those inevitable tears. The dancing and laughing of children and all the other beautiful, candid moments throughout the day.

I am hard on myself and people who have met me know this. Crucially, I am the first one to bring any critiques to my photographs. Moreover, I always review the wedding photographs at least twice, with a highly trained critical eye. Finally, I’m constantly asking myself: How I could do this better? So, honestly, it’s up to me to actually tell if my photography sucks =))!

Can you see yourself in my photographs?

If yes, let’s arrange a no obligation meeting or drop me a line and let’s make this happen the way you’re dreaming.

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