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Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes.  Details of how I am compliant and stuff I do to be and remain complaint are in my Privacy Policy.  With the amount of very detailed and sensitive information, I get from wedding couples data protection and security is very important to me.

How many photographs will you actually take?

I will take approximately 1000 photographs during the day (10 hours usually). Could be a few more; could be a few less. I don’t tend to just keep the shutter pressed down and hope for the best. You will receive a minimum of 450 of your fully edited and retouched wedding photographs that tell the story your wedding day.

How long will you take photographs for?

I don’t have time limits! We can sort out the exact timings when we meet to discuss your wedding in more detail. I have a lot of experience at weddings and would be more than happy to help you plan your perfect day.

What equipment do you use?

I use professional Nikon cameras.  They are equipped with battery grips giving me extra long shooting before needing to replace batteries. Along with that, I have a variety of professional level lenses as well as extensive lighting equipment to allow me to photograph your wedding regardless of the weather conditions (that is if you don’t mind the weather conditions!)

Do you work by yourself?

Currently yes. I have however a reliable assistant which helps me with lighting equipment etc. I advice all the couples to add the assistant even for weddings under 100 people for the day as it’s speeding up the work which finally results into more photos. (The cost for adding an assistant is £150).

Are you insured?

Yes, natural wedding photographer insured for both professional and public liability. Don’t book a supplier without insurance. Please ask if you wish confirmation of my insurance.

What do you mean by retouched?

An ‘edited’ photograph is one that has been color corrected, exposure corrected and possibly cropped to a more pleasing angle.

A ‘retouched’ wedding photograph is one that has had some extra special treatment applied such as skin smoothing, eye whitening, sky adjustments etc. All of my wedding photographs are fully retouched.

Do you remove tattoos?

Not for the online gallery.  I will remove them (if they are VERY easy to remove) from the album photographs once you have finalized the album design and layout.  Yes, I understand the photographs are “yours” (although technically the copyright belongs to me and you get a licence to print them) in return the tattoos and piercings are also yours. I realize that may sound harsh/tough/snotty / stuck up etc.  I factor into my wedding prices everything very carefully and that sadly doesn’t include the extra time to remove tattoos or piercings etc.

I will remove all the tattoos for an extra fee – I charge £50 per hour for Photoshop retouching which will be around 10 images depending on the editing required.

Will you Photoshop me ‘thinner’ / ‘fatter’ / ‘taller’ / ‘bigger’ etc etc

Nope. You are what you are – and everyone should be happy with their bodies. If you have a shaving rash I’ll do what I can.  If you get cold sores or stress spots I’ll remove those. I also won’t remove tattoos or edit out piercings unless by prior written consent or by payment to retouch the photographs.

In short, I won’t do digital cosmetic surgery.

Who makes your wedding albums?

I use a company called nPhoto who are based in Poland.  They use a High Definition printer by Canon – The Dream Labo

What is your booking fee?

My booking fee is £200 and is payable within 5 days of you saying you would like to book me.  After that 5 day period, I reserve the right to offer the date to other interested couples.

When do I have to pay the balance?

The balance of your wedding photography has to be paid within 4 weeks of your wedding date.  I will send out an invoice around the 8-week point and remind you at the six-week point and then again at the four-week point.  Failure to pay the balance at the four-week point will result in a breach of contract by yourselves and I won’t turn up for your wedding.

What happens if I have trouble paying?

We all have some time in our lives when the finances don’t work the way we want and planning/paying for weddings is one of those moments.  Just get in touch and we can work something out. If you don’t talk to me and don’t pay me I won’t turn up. Really!

You really won’t turn up?

Yes, I really won’t turn up.  I’m a full-time professional photographer. I won’t work for free unless by prior written arrangement.

Can I pay by instalments?  

Yes – just drop me a note and I’ll send an invoice over to you for the amount you want to pay.

How do I pay?

I accept Cheques, Cash (you will get a receipt), PayPal and Bank Transfer or credit/debit cards.  I send electronic invoices out that are uniquely numbered for reference.

Do you have any discounts during the year?


There’s is a 15% discount for family and friends of couples which booked me in the past and extra 5% if all the amount of chosen collection is pain in full in the time of booking – so a 20% discount anytime if these are applicable.

A 10% discount for mid-week weddings (Mon-Thu)

Do you have any extra fees?

9 May – £300 extra (my wedding celebration)

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