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Flixton House wedding photographer in Manchester

Flixton House

I have had the fortune of covering weddings at many different venues of Greater Manchester. Today, I want to share my thoughts about one of my favourites: Flixton House.

An Atmospheric Venue at Flixton House

Located in the leafy area of Flixton, the venue is a great choice for a couple looking for a place to hold their wedding. Two of the rooms in the house have been designated for wedding ceremonies. Flixton House tailors itineraries to the needs of couples. The organisers can help find the most fitting florists, caterers or photographers for the event. The manor is a historic building with interiors that create an atmospheric period setting.

Flixton House shoot

The Ladies of the Manor

A venue provides a comfy setting, but the organisers are the ones that ensure that couples get the best wedding day experiences. With this in mind, I would like to praise Debbie, the Events Manager, and her Assistant Wedding Coordinator, Sian. These two ladies are masters at organising wedding ceremonies. With them in charge of the event, you are certain to have a marvellous wedding day. Collaborating with them has proven to be a delightful experience time and time again, and I take pride in being their preferred supplier when it comes to photography.

A Photographer’s Gem

And a special mention goes to the gardens of Flixton House. There is a reason why the gardens of historical English manors receive so much praise. Their past owners put a lot of thought in designing them. The gardens of Flixton House are a treasure for a wedding photographer with their neat flowerbeds, clusters of trees, and winding footpaths. It is a harmonious landscape with flowers and plants of different colours, types, and sizes.

flixton house moment

Flixton House – A Place with History

I just cannot resist adding a few words about the venue’s past. I am sure the History enthusiasts among you will find this information especially interesting. After all, Flixton House has an intriguing place in British social history. The Wrights, a rich landowning family, built Flixton House as their residence in the early 19th century. In 1824, Ralph Wright, the owner of the manor, closed all public footpaths that ran through his lands. But the local residents rallied against Wright’s act and took legal action against him, demanding the public footpath to be reopened. It was one of the first legal battles over public footpaths in Britain. And in October 1827, Ralph Wright lost in court; the people regained access to their public footpaths. Thus, this story had a happy ending.

Flixton House official

So if you are looking for a venue where the touch of history mingles with excellent event organisation then I certainly advise considering Flixton House as an option.

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