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Bolton Wedding

For a woman the most beautiful trip as two should start with wedding day, with all the preparations before, with days of searching for the perfect wedding dress, unique hair style, grooms suit which should make him more handsome than he is, with all these small things and details which should keep both busy a year before the big event.

But Maria isn’t a traditional bride. She is already a fulfilled woman in her wedding day: She is loved, married and a mother! Maria is confident and radiant, shining with happiness, patience and understanding! She is calm, relaxed and a proud mother of 2 little princesses.

“I’m at peace” …. “I’m a winner” … Maria says “With 2 lovely girls – my joy and happiness, and my partner – my love and peace, what more can I ever want” she says. “ They are my world and my everything”. “I am happy to share my blessings today with you all, my friends and family.. for I know till the end of time I will always count my blessings everyday with my lovely husband”

With this sweet thought, Maria had an amazing day with Adrian~ and this will be forever!


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