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Manchester wedding photographer, owner and main shooter at Alin Turcanu Photography. I’m a creative wedding photographer with a style that blends posed and natural photography. As my testimonies show  I always go above and beyond for every wedding couple I work with.

Manchester based wedding photographer, covering Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and beyond. I’m the guy behind the camera who will capture the sweet emotion, priceless moments and tears of happiness so you can enjoy them over and over again. Certainly, you’ll want to look deep into your photos going back to that scene to relive the moment for years to come.

Importantly, being a professional wedding photographer isn’t just my job, it’s the thing I want to do every day, with passion and involvement for every couple I meet.

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I’m a mixture of a Documentary photographer and Pictorialist

A documentary photographer is someone who will click the button and will document exactly what happens there. For example,  there are so many fantastic photojournalists who do this. Likewise, this is a valid approach and I include this style when shooting weddings. In addition, it’s an art where nothing can be posed, nothing can be repeated and it takes some special skills to be able to capture everything.

A pictorialist is that style of photography where I control everything. I scout for best venue locations to shoot in, I look for the perfect natural light, I guide the couple with poses and I also use artificial lights (flashes, strobes, continuous lights, light modifiers, reflectors, etc). This enables you to get the best results out of that moment. It is ok to control everything in this way, as long as you feel at ease and everyone enjoys the moment. Which they will, because I am a master at making everyone feel comfortable. Therefore, the emotions will still be just as real. My unique blend of styles will give the best of both worlds.

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ABOUT ME – your Manchester based Wedding Photographer

Talking about me is just hard xx

Described as a funny guy, I tend to interact with everyone involved at your wedding. With this in mind, at the end of the day, your grandma will probably be my new best friend.

Firstly, I’m not just a wedding photographer, I’m a husband and a father of a handsome 5y old son and a sweet 5 months baby girl. I’m based in Eccles, Manchester. Whilst most of my work is within a 100 mile radius, I’m happy to travel all around the UK. In fact, I want to make as many couples happy as I can.

Manchester Wedding Photographer – My approach

My secret is communication – that is the main reason why the relationship with my wedding couples is so unique. I’m always careful to ensure we allocate enough time to build that relationship before the wedding day. Another vitally important reason is the pre-wedding photo-shoot (included in all my collections) and as many consultations as necessary to organize the day from a photography point of view.

There are moments when I can’t control everything, when the job needs to be done with the actual resources available. This is the time when I’m documenting the day as it goes, when the emotions are captured with the real mood, with the ambiance that exists.

I do my best to be as creative as possible to extract the maximum from your venue. Therefore, don’t worry if you see me in the water or laying on the ground – I’m fully insured for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Finally, if you feel like I’m the right photographer for you please follow the below form and let’s talk.

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Everything you NEED to know about my Wedding Photography (read this…)

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Booking Your Wedding Photography

So as you’ve made it this far, hopefully, you’ve had a good look at my portfolio and blogs and decided that my style is matching your taste.

I find it’s best to have a brief chat about your day, find out what’s important to you, and most importantly, see if we’re the right fit for each other!. With my experience, it’s probable that I can give you ideas of options you hadn’t previously thought about. By going through a few questions, we can work out what you actually need and what will suit you best!

1/ Get in touch

Check my availability, I’m a busy guy and I’m booking at least 12 months in advance.
Use my contact form below to get in touch, and then we can meet for a coffee, speak on the phone or via Zoom to discuss your plans for your wedding day.

2/ Booking

The process is completely electronic and only needs £200 booking fee. I’ll also release my “welcome pack” which has included a contract.

3/ Communication

Whilst we usually get together a few months before the wedding to start going through the finer details, I’m here for you as much as you need. We will also arrange a pre-wedding shoot included in all my collections.

4/ Your wedding day!

We’ve already gone through your timeline and details for the day, so you can relax and let me capture everything as it happens.

5/ Wedding gallery

My aim is to prepare a preview of your wedding 24h after the event, the full gallery will be ready no later than 21 days after your big day. My average delivery time is 10-14 days.

6/ Album delivery

As you may have seen on social media, I’m delivering all the albums in person, at your door. it’s a great opportunity to drink your coffee and eat your Milka again!

Manchester Wedding Photographer > Check my availability below!

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